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FCG Truck Driver Training School is the most prestigious truck driving school in the entire Midwest.  Established in 1989, FCG is the oldest truck driving school in West Michigan.  Over the years, FCG has developed hundreds of relationships with Michigan based trucking companies that hire our students once they graduate from our school.  Furthermore, with the opening of our new five acre campus, FCG is without a doubt the most technically advanced school in West Michigan.  Looking for drive time?  No other school provides more drive time for students than FCG Truck Driver Training School.

A Michigan State – Licensed Truck Driver Training School (Michigan License D1336)

We are proud to provide our new students with state of the art equipment and world class training from instructors that are State-Licensed – Michigan (Credentials available upon Request). Most of all, we are dedicated and committed to helping the most important element of our success over the last quarter century achieve their goals and objectives: our students!!! We offer a group of highly capable and esteemed career counselors that carry commercial drivers’ licenses and have years of experience.  They are willing and able to answer all of your questions and manage your expectations throughout your training as it relates to becoming a “professional” truck driver.


Some of our students successfully graduating from FCG Truck Driving School will have an opportunity to be placed with a selection of desired trucking companies located in the state of Michigan.  Most national and regional trucking companies offer driving positions to successful graduates of our school, and some offer full or partial reimbursement of your tuition fees! Furthermore, if you are looking to go over the road, signing bonuses of well over a thousand dollars are not uncommon in this highly skilled, in-demand field of professional truck driving. Click here to view a list of current job postings from some of our customers.


Pick up the phone and call one of our experienced career counselors now. Find out the answer to that question from someone who knows what it’s like to make such a major career decision as the one you are facing today. Ask them to tell you how it changed their life.  If you do, you will find the answer to this important question and more than likely, you will get a good story or two about what it’s like to become a professional truck driver!!!


For free information about our courses and testing, please call 616-532-0704 or fill out the form below.

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“Really appreciated the treatment and quality of staff and instructors.” – Charlotte, 01/2020

“The instructors are amazing! They are friendly and very helpful.” – Colin, 01/2020

“A thorough and comprehensive program. Great instructors with good diversity. This was a lot, but you made it doable!”- Greg, 03/2020

“Amazing learning experience, all instructors were super encouraging and patient, FCG has a great TEAM!” – L. M, 03/2020

“I’m very thankful for this school.”- Sekou, 03/2020

“Awesome experience! Great people!!” – Mike, 04/2020

“Great people, friendly staff. They take good care of you and make sure you get your CDL!”- J, 05/2020

“Very well maintained, friendly staff, and they thrive for success!”- Caleb, 05/2020

“Fun environment, great instructors, had a blast!” Eli, 05/2020

“Amazing program. I was afraid at first but the instructors were amazing and I enjoyed the ride!” Douglas, 05/2020

“Amazing group of people and staff. Would highly recommend!” – Jason, 06/2020

“All the trainers were very helpful!”- Darrel, 07/2020

“Team was awesome in every area possible. I learned a lot more than I thought.”-  Brandon, 07/2020

“Was a very good place to learn and all the trainers were excellent to work with.”- Darius, 08/2020

“All of the instructors were great!!! They’re extremely helpful and patient with the students” – James, 07/2020

“Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything you have done for me.” – Daniel, 08/2020

“Everyone was very helpful. The teaching staff was knowledgeable and very patient. Very good experience!” – Ron, 09/2020

“Thank you for the great experience, it was an awesome 3 weeks for me, taught by great staff. They were able to adjust to help me. Thank you, God bless.” – Heather, 10/2020

“Thank you for what each of you have done to help me move forward to the next stage of my life. ” – Roger, 10/2020

“I loved all of the training. Best time of my life, and I will recommend to all my friends. Keep up the good work. ” – Anthony, 11/2020

“Nothing bad to say about FCG or it’s staff. Everything and everyone at FCG is Fan – Freaking – Tastic! ” – Steve M, 11/2020

“Outstanding Personnel and Instruction. Thanks much for an outstanding and professional experience.” – Steve, 11/2020

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