Green Transportation – Holland, MI


Welcome to Green!

Green Transportation commenced operations on October 1, 2006 with a mission to create a unique and higher standard of transportation service that is focused on sustainability. In our efforts to achieve this mission we are guided by these core values:

Industries Lowest Turnover Rate – Green Transportation operates an efficient, well-maintained program and we pride ourselves on our relationship with all those involved in our business. Because of the care and attention we put into detailed relationships, we maintain an extraordinarily low turnover rate that is well below the industry standard.

Efficient, not Just in our Business Model – Green Transportation is proud to announce that we have never been parked for non-compliance with regulations in truck inspections. With 22% of trucks stopped for inspection being parked, we are very excited to be a member of the few that have never been parked.

Continuous Improvement – A daily activity of everyone at Green Transportation is to analyze the processes involved in our work, and to suggest ways we can reduce waste, improve our workplace environment and provide better and safer transportation services.

Stakeholder Balance – We hold a belief of the “benefits of balance” in the relationships with our customers, our employees, our owners and our vendors. We believe that fairness in these relationships will help sustain our company.

Integrity and Open Communication – We are committed to ethical business conduct in all that we say and do. We will not violate this standard by withholding or providing erroneous information. We strive for open and honest communication in all directions between all stakeholders.

Sustainability – People, Planet and Profit are all important. We make optimum use of the space on our trailers, so there will be more space on our roadways. We invest in tractors that provide higher fuel efficiency and invest in drivers that operate the tractors efficiently.

We invite you to give Green Transportation a try. You will experience a higher standard of service and you will be more “Green”.

We envision a time when all line-haul trailers are full to their capacity. Our efforts will reduce the number of trucks on our highways, save fuel, reduce emissions, reduce road wear, improve the quality of over-the-road drivers and save lives. We see a day when our Road Pilots will receive their due respect for holding the nation’s economy and people’s lives in their hands.

We believe the shipping docks of the manufacturing, distribution and transportation industries influence all of the departments in their organization… yet receive limited attention and resources. We envision manufacturers, distributors and transportation companies who proactively manage their operations with solutions and processes that reduce their transportation costs, reduce the number of trucks on our highways, and reduce fuel usage and the related emissions.

Amber Brandsen
Safety Director
Green Transportation Inc.
871 Interchange Drive
Holland, MI 49423
Office: (866)613-9251
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