Caledonia CDL Testing

F.C.G. offers Skill Tests for each commercial vehicle type licensed by the State of Michigan, Secretary of State:  Combination Vehicles (i.e., Tractor Trailer); Straight Truck, Passenger Vehicles and School Bus.  Applicants must provide a vehicle that falls within the safety requirements (inspection) as outlined by the State of Michigan, Secretary of State.  The vehicle must be equivalent to the license being sought.

Scheduled appointments must be made at least 48 hours prior to the test time – no exceptions.  The Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP) must be held a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of the test appointment.  Be advised that any changes to the “TIP”, will extend the waiting period for an additional 14 days (including any endorsements (Doubles/Triples, Passenger, School Bus, Tank, or Haz Mat) or restrictions changes such as Air Brake,, OR renewal, etc.)

If any of the segments of the Skills Test (Inspection, Basic Skills, or Road Test) are not successfully passed, the remaining segments can be banked until the next appointment.  However, if the permit is modified in any way (see above), the segments banked will then be null and void.  The applicant must then retest the already passed segments.

Valid and current Proof of Insurance, Registration, TIP, Driver’s License and Signed Confirmation must be provided by the applicant prior to initiating the Skills Test.  Properly insured, licensed and maintained rentals are available through F.C.G. for Tractor Trailer and Straight Truck Vehicles only.

Our range for basic skills is administered on a completely paved lot.  Inside truck bays are available for the inspection segment of the test during inclement weather.  Contact our Scheduling Department for more details.


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