Job Title: Truck Driver
Classification: Non-Exempt
Reports To: Warehouse Manager
Department: Warehouse/Deliveries
Division: Allied Eagle

Job overview:

Drive to correct destinations to load and unload freight and ensure accuracy, maintain a positive friendly attitude when dealing with customers, and always perform safety inspections on your vehicle.

Job Duties:

  • Complete a safety inspection check and complete a safety report on the vehicle the driver is assigned to that day.
  • Make sure that every order dropped off to a customer is checked in with the customer to ensure the product being dropped off matches what is on the customer’s paperwork.
  • Notify customer service if incoming or outgoing freight is damaged or the count is incorrect.
  • Give all paperwork completed that day to the warehouse manager
  • Notify customer service if there is an issue with an item or the count of an item needs to be adjusted.
  • Fill out a return report when picking up product from a customer for a credit
  • Put all C.O.D payments in a C.O.D envelope and give to the order desk when you arrive back to Allied
  • Always follow any special instructions posted on the customers delivery ticket
  • Be polite and courteous to customers and all other co-workers.
  • Uniforms must be worn at all times while at work
  • Other duties assigned as necessary.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to lift items repetitively that may weigh up to 160 lbs.
  • Must be able to move any items that may weigh more than 160 lbs. up to 5000 lbs. using a hand cart, pallet jack or Hilo.
  • Must be able to handle working in cold (0 F) to hot (95 F) temperatures in the warehouse area and while out on the road.

Work Environment:

This position requires the employee to work in an outdoors environment. Conditions include, but are not limited to, hot, humid summer-like conditions and cold/winter conditions. Roads will be wet/slick when raining and or snowing.


  • Must have a valid CDL class B driver’s license with Hazmat and Airbrake endorsements and have an acceptable driving record.
  • Must have an acceptable criminal history.
  • Must be able to read and write to complete any necessary paperwork.
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent required.
  • Must be able to pass a drug screen.
  • Have experience operating a Hilo and pallet jack.
  • Must know how to properly use load locks/cargo straps.

For more details or to apply please contact Josh Newton by email at:
or branch manager Delaney Eubank at: